1 February 2019

January 2019

Hope you enjoy our January photos.

We just love it when the waves are taller then we are !

it's a bit like being thrown around in a washing machine.

thank you Janette for this photograph


On and around the croft

Tilly has taken to pinning down her tail
 so that she doesn't lose it

and hiding at the top of the log store in the kitchen

just to annoy Wilma
who believed that with enough effort and time
she could reach her !

then they just settle down together for a quiet half hour

making the most of January sunshine and blue skies

My first attempt at spinning using a drop spindle,
 very lumpy !

a further attempt produced a not-so-lumpy yarn,
this is what you might call an "artisan" yarn
but it'll be a long time until I spin enough for a jumper!

It does make you appreciate the processes and the skills 
involved in making a hand-crafted garment.


A few of us have started to go walking and exploring

and have discovered Achtercairn, near Gairloch

with it's ancient round house sites

and hearth stone dating back to 477BC

a derelict watermill at Second Coast

a cave at Laide

a colony of more than 60 seals on the rocks here
at  Mellon Udrigle

a beautiful, almost golden egg, stone
on the circular walk at Mellon Udrigle

and a heart-shaped mini pond


Our friend Karen forwarded this next item to me,
knowing that I would find it amusing ,
thanks Karen.


Book of the Month

I'm still trying to get to grips with this one.


A little piece of history,
inside a crofter's house in the 1930's, not so long ago !

photo courtesy of Highland Folk Museum


Greta Thunberg

Greta is a 15 year old Swedish girl and if you haven't heard of her yet I don't think it will be long before you do;
she is a powerful speaker and is taking on governments
to act on climate change.

Greta https://www.facebook.com/ZDFheute/videos/350003005579098/?t=38Thunberg


A bit of fun


Quote of the Month

"The secret to living well and longer is :
eat half, walk double, laugh triple and
 love without measure."

Tibetan proverb



So with more snow on it's way it's time to take Tilly's lead and take it easy for a while

 and curl up with Wilma by the fire

keep warm and happy until next month,
wishing you a cosy February
Malcolm and June


1 January 2019

December 2018

There's always time to go for a swim even though we should be making mince pies or wrapping presents.

Warming up after the swim with tea and cake

December has given us some stunning sunrises and 
being reflected in the water made everything pink.

With shorter days and dark evenings it's the time to do things like teach the cat to play backgammon, 
while Wilma patiently waits for her turn.

and time to make bread......

Malcolm turned his hand to bread making and as you can see it turned out brilliantly
and not a bread maker in sight AND no kneading either !!!

If you want to try it for yourself go to :


for the full recipe and how to .


and time to read more books than usual....

4 books this month

3 new books


 Wilma and Tilly had better watch out !


 and this one that's sat on the book shelves for years


Quote of the Month

"Every mountain top is within reach
if you just keep climbing"

Unknown, found on Pinterest


Update on Malcolm's Mum

This is now the second Christmas that Malcolm's Mum has spent at Isle View care home in Aultbea
and all the staff there have made it a very special place.

We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at their Christmas party

(thank you Cassie for this photo)

 that was filled with fun and laughter,

(thank you Cassie for this photo)

singing and music and carols

 (thank you Cassie for this photo)

 and young people dancing and performing

(thank you Cassie for this photo)

and Mum managed a slow waltz with Malcolm

Thank you to everyone at Isle View for making
 this such an amazing, loving and caring place to be, 
no wonder Mum loves being there.


Getting ready for the Zumba Girls' party time !!!

I leave it up to the others to do the glam bit.

It got a bit too hot to keep the beard and hat on 
for long though!

Thank you Janis and Anji for a great night
and for keeping us fit all year long,
we'll all be back for more in 2019.


On the croft....

 our three geese have evaded the roasting tin for yet another year !

 Wilma and Tilly are still play-fighting

 Zara enjoyed her Christmas lunch

 and her after lunch stroll

 It's difficult doing a selfie
 when your friend has such a long nose !

we gave up trying to get Wilma in a selfie,
too much wriggling going on
and that was just Malcolm !

With no alcohol, no meat, no TV and no pressies
Malcolm and I have a slightly different Christmas to most !
BUT that means no hangovers, no moaning about the tv programmes and no pressure
and we had a really lovely time,
hope you all did too, however you celebrated .


To all of you who read our blog from far and wide
I hope you always find
 something that makes you smile,
something that you may like to try or read
 something that just makes you fall asleep ! 

you can always leave a comment
 and tell me what things you would like to see in future blogs


A little piece of inspiration....

 "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live"

Jim Rohn
American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker
1930 - 2009

 to see the associated article go to :

The Daily Positive teampositive@thedailypositive.com via s14.avl2.acemsrvb.com


 So with another year ending...

we wish you good health, peace, happiness 
and dreams coming true in 2019

with love and big hugs to you all

Malcolm and June 
and the Gang