1 May 2018

April 2018

Hi everyone,
This has been an exciting month for Aultbea !

Aultbea Hall has been granted nearly £10,000
from the National Lottery
to buy cinema equipment so that the community 
can have it's own cinema  again.

Aultbea Hall was originally built as a temporary
cinema building in the 2nd World War,
so thank you Stan Miller for initiating this for everyone
and to the National Lottery.


Janette and Lorna's "Croft Fresh" pop-up cafe
pops up every Thursday in Aultbea Hall
from 11am to 2pm 
So, for tea, coffee, yummy homemade cakes,
  delicious homemade soup
and a very warm welcome come along !

Our end-of-drive notice board reminds passers by,
when it's not raining that is !


Our Sunday morning swims continue

 but unfortunately Jenny is moving on for a
new adventure with her fiance 😢

So for a little while at least this was Jenny's last swim
around the pier and round the yellow bouy .

Swimming in Loch Ewe always brings a smile to Jenny's face
and ours !

Sunday mornings are not all about our swimming,

our dogs love it too.
Notice Janette's new whippet on the right,
(name to be confirmed)
who has settled in to the Sunday fun, no problem .

Wilma doesn't do jumping (legs too short)

Wilma doesn't do running (legs too short)
not when her friends are whippets and labradors !


Malcolm's Mum continues to enjoy her new life
in Isle View nursing home, Aultbea
where there is always something entertaining going on.

This month they held a wonderful garden party
to herald in the arrival of their new chickens
and newly built chicken coup.

Meet Nikki the White Sussex, Flora the Black Rock
and Elsie the Maran.

There were a couple of extra large chickens made their way
to the party too!

The pipe band brought in for the occasion
 was possibly a bit too loud
as the chickens remained firmly out of sight !

Fiona brought her two ponies down to join in the festivities
 and enjoyed the afternoon's sunshine.

Everyone enjoyed the afternoon,
with tea, cakes, raffle and stalls

portrait drawing

and face painting, I can never resist it.
Everyone smiles at you when your face is gaily painted
with flowers !
Or are they just thinking "weirdo" ?


The daffodil bulbs planted earlier this year
along the driveway have all blossomed and
brought extra cheeriness on those grey days

Malcolm is helped most mornings by Tilly
who seems fascinated by the screen,
we try to limit her screen time.

All available window sills and surfaces 
in the kitchen and spare bedroom
are currently taken up with seedlings,
just need some more sunshine.

The peaches on our 3 year old peach tree in the greenhouse
are coming on brilliantly, this year there should be 
about 100 or more peaches !

The cover is on the new polytunnel,
with just a few more adjustments
 it will be ready for planting .


Tilly has found her "must-go-to" spot in the greenhouse
where she can often be found relaxing.

Tilly can also be found just hanging around
contemplating daffodils ....

doing acrobatics and wondering whose tail
that belongs to ...

or seeing how near she can get to the hay
without Zara getting annoyed.

Wilma after a busy digging day on the croft.

Zara looking nice and slim ready to get eating
the lovely rich grass coming through.


A stunning shot of the Scottish Highlands
 captured by the International Space Station
from around the end of February,
notable for its lack of clouds
which hamper space photography,
 especially during Scottish winters.


With all the world attention on the huge problem 
of plastics in our oceans and landfill,
I took another look in our bathroom.

Instead of buying another plastic bottle of shampoo and
another bottle of conditioner,
I bought a bar of Oliva soap;
it can be used as soap, conditioner, men's shaving foam,
probably wash clothes and the dog with it,
all gentle, no plastic, only a cardboard box, takes up less room in the bathroom and your suitcase when travelling
 and cheaper,
what's not to like ?

After all soap is soap,
 it's only advertising that says we need all these multitudes of products.


 I have recently signed up to receive by email
daily inspirations; 
if this is something you feel you might like, go to :

It is absolutely free and there are free videos/audios/
meditations and info on all manner of topics.

Below is an example from The Daily Positive Team
that struck a chord for me, hope you like it.


"Today be present to the miracle of being alive.

As you breathe, feel air moving in and out of your body.
Feel your heart beating in your chest.

Be still and notice the true gift that it is
 to wake up each day and
 have the opportunity to experience this ride called life! 

This life is so precious and it doesn't last forever.

Allow yourself permission to live fully."


Bye for now

enjoy the month of May,

from all of us down on the croft
up in the Highlands 



31 March 2018

March 2018

Easter Greetings 
to you all

March started off very cold, snowy and icy,
all down to the "Beast from the East"
 that affected most of the UK

but did it stop us swimming ?
of course it didn't !!!!!

Thank you Stan Miller for this photo and the next one

This is our new cover photo for Ewe Wild Swimmers 
showing the WW2 pier that we swim around
(and sometimes jump off of if the tide is right)

Thank you Jim for this beautiful photo


Gairloch has been in the news lately 
due to proposed changes in sewage treatment;
changes that local residents are not happy about !

So the local people took to the beaches!!

Thank you Stan Miller for this photo

Thank you BBC Alba for this photo

Thank you Janette Latta for this photo

Thank you Julia McBeath Alexander for this photo
(this photo was also included in the BBC photos page for Scotland 9-16 March)

Thank you Maria Morgan for this photo

Thank you Paula Gordon for this photo

Watch this space !


Our Aultbea  Hall,
that was built as a temporary cinema during WW2
is in major need of refurbishment,rebuilding or replacement

With an energetic new chairman, Stan Miller,
efforts are forging ahead to raise money to keep our community hall

A lot of cake has been eaten
 and a lot of tea has been drunk
at the weekly pop-up cafes

and bingo has proved popular
raising over £500 in one night !

Well done Andy and Kimberley 
of Oran Na Mara Cafe, Aultbea
(well worth a visit when you are in Aultbea !)
for organising this event.

You did so well Andy, you can do it again !

and the Lottery has granted us funding this month
 to buy cinema equipment !
Great news !
Well done Stan for organising this, an enormous thank you !


Malcolm is involved with a new project locally,
"Pocket Orchards",
this involves planting fruit trees in easily accessible places
for people to pick free fruit in years to come

Children from the local primary school
came out for planting apple trees at a site in Aultbea

and even though it was chucking it down with rain
and there was a ferocious wind
they happily got stuck in 
with the digging and thumping in the posts.

The children were also happy
 to dance around the trees,
singing a blessing :

"O little apple tree
We have come to wassail thee,
Will you bear some fruit for me
When the season changes ? "

Well done to all you young fruit tree growers !


It is now a year since I bought Zara
and she came to join us on the croft
and I have had a wonderful year with her !

Zara has taught me a lot 
and has trained me very well !


Round and about the croft

Snowy footprints

Snowy rabbits

Snow covered lobster pots

Malcolm is currently building us a new polytunnel...

and as you can see, not using the conventional framework

Instead, Malcolm  is using alkathene, water pipe
sunk into scaffold poles and with a wooden frame,

with a bit more work to go 
and the cover will be ready to go on,
just need a wind free day !

The chickens and geese are forever
digging up, eating and gererally wrecking 
anything that we plant,
that's the price of free range !
Fencing is expensive and we do like to see them roaming about,
so we are trying out our own fencing using willow;
 not an instant remedy but should do the trick given time and patience.

Plentiful blossom is appearing on our peach tree,
in the first year we had 30 peaches,
last year we had 65 peaches,
this year may be more.


Update on Malcolm's Mum

Mum has been busy involved in various activities
and generally enjoying herself

and wishes you all a very happy Easter


Our Tilly made it into the pages of our local paper (top left)
looking particularly cute !

We are of course very biased.



Quote of the month

Everything you need is already inside you,
don't wait for others to light your fire.
You have your own matches.

Unknown ~ found on Pinterest


With more cold weather supposedly on it's way
it was good to make the most of the sunshine,


so, wishing you all a happy Easter
wherever you might be 

from June and Malcolm 
down on the croft until next time